Bahariya Oasis tour

If you want to feel the thrill of a true desert exploration, then you have to visit "Bahariya Oasis".
Bahariya Oasis
Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis, Egypt’s most peaceful oasis, accommodates a vast array of natural resources and a significant assortment of historical relics and monuments. It is situated in a depression about 30 kilometers away from Cairo, and Bawati is its capital.

Bahariya Oasis
Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya oasis tour

white desert 4 Days 3 Nights

cheapest Bahariya tour

Day 1

Moving from Bahariya to visit the museum where you can see a lot of golden mummies – banauti tomb[the king of the oasis previously ] Alexander temple –Helwa spring –El Meftela.

walking through the Palm tree gardens –the lake – Dest & magrafa [pyramid mountain ] in this place the biggest two Dinosaurs were discovered –Beer elghapa hot spring –Beer El matter hot spring.

English house "the place where the English ruler was living during the colonization" enjoy swimming in hot spring then we will return to the hotel to have dinner

Alexander temple
Alexander temple
Day 2
then Moving after breakfast to the black and white desert – Bedouin village [El haez ] hot spring –crystal mountain having lunch in crystal mountain –then going to El Agabat dinner and sleep in agabat.

crystal mountain
crystal mountain
Day 3
Moving after breakfast the big and small valley and lunch in Magic spring after lunch, "visit the new white desert dinner and sleep in white desert"

white desert
white desert
Day 4
Moving after breakfast the old white desert –wadi El khiam – the old Akasia tree then we will move to see some stones which formed from the effect of the wind like [mushroom – horse – chicken –ice cream ]returning to Bahariya then to Cairo

chicken and mushroom rook
chicken and mushroom rook



Day one

The tour leaves Cairo in the early morning for Bahariya Oasis. After your arrival in Bahariya Oasis, you will have lunch at El-Haiz, a Bedouin village.

Then you will visit many sights including the tombs in The Valley of the "Golden Mummies".

Golden Mummies
Golden Mummies

You will also visit a Roman fortress. Finally, check out the views at "English Mountain".

After climbing the Black Mountain, you will venture into the "White Desert" to enjoy various natural shapes of chalk rocks. You will also have free time to walk around the area and take photos.

The day concludes with camping in the "White Desert" beside famous rock formations like the Mushroom Rock.

At the campsite, you will have a barbeque dinner. The Bedouin party begins with a performance of Bedouin music.

Black desert
Black desert

Day Two
After breakfast, you will visit "Crystal Mountain". You will then bathe in a hot spring before heading back to Cairo.

After an exciting trip in the desert Egypt, head to the springs to wash up. The oasis is renowned to produce approximately 400 minerals and hot sulfur springs, most imperative are Bir Hakima, Bir Haifa, Bir Al Matar and Bir Al Ghaba.

desert egypt
desert egypt
Bahariya Oasis is your entrance gate to a supernatural holiday desert guide in Egypt where you can blend the sense of adventure with the simplicity of the Bedouins’ life.

western desert Egypt, The attractive scenery of palm trees along with the magical sand dunes and the Bedouin folklore will gather to grant you with the most pleasurable holiday experience in Bahariya Oasis.

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